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A Message From Our CEO

As a young boy I used to always daydream and marvel at the idea of becoming a world champion in professional boxing, that I could become a real life " Rocky". 

The unyielding passion for self redemption would convert itself into reality in the mid 1990's as I finally decided to pursue the "dream" and step into that ring. For the next 6 years that dream would come with a hefty price as blood, guts and heart would build me a moderate amateur record but not enough to compete at the professional level as an aging fighter.

For the next 15 years all I ever wanted was that "REMATCH" of Life ... that opportunity to "RESURRECT" one's true beliefs through "EXPRESSION" rather than an athlete trying to accomplish stardom. Life's events would eventually give me that 2nd chance by creating a brand of "TRUE" meaning and definition! 

The idea for "PreVaiL" derived from a mental exercise I created while managing in a call center to rid myself of the typical boring meetings with the employees during downtime. The exercise consisted of taking the 1st letter of your 1st name and identifying all the positive/negative words that exist and in hopes that the good outweigh the bad!! By engaging with my fellow peers, they too were assigned a word for their foundation.

Discovering the strength of one's true inner ability will not often come from a material source or another human being but from a behavioral force we all have to come to know as "DETERMINATION".

Paul Quinones, CEO